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I'm Chelsea! I'm an intimate Boudoir Portraiture serving the Cincinnati tri-state area. I'd love to spend a day with you to not only be your bestie + official hype woman, but I'd also love to create some magic together as we are all works of art. ALL BODIES are Boudoir bodies-remember that...

I truly believe that a Boudoir experience can change your life, and is even somewhat therapeutic for most clients. It’s seeing yourself through the eyes of someone who loves you and knows you on an intimate level; which is an opportunity we will rarely ever get in this lifetime. It’s stepping way outside your comfort zone. It's an opportunity to indulge, or even explore our most vulnerable, and intimate emotions.

I can't wait to meet you in the studio for an experience that's all about you!


"She told me to wear something loose so no marks would be left before she turned me to art. 

Soon stripped down to solely skin, but so far from a simply blank canvas. 

“Point your toes, arch your back, look at me.” 

Sweat seeps slowly into the space where my thighs meet. 

and my fingers graze against my legs. 

She paints me in satin sheets, 

and dews me in long untouched places. 

and I turn to art. 

She sculpts me and begins to bring parts of me back into existence. 

She allows me to roll in the sheets with myself, 

to be a masterpiece and a work in progress."


Featured Love Letters...

Featured Love Letters...

"I’ve worked with Chelsea two times for vastly different purposes, but the common theme in each shoot is to capture self-love. Seeing my body through a new & different lens that allows me to accept & love the changes and curves. My first shoot was after weight gain & wanting to feel sexy in my new body. Chelsea made me feel like a boss babe/hyped me up all throughout my shoot. My second shoot was when I was 32 weeks pregnant. Thanks Chelsea for making me feel beautiful in my body that is ever changing💚"


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