"She told me to wear something loose so no marks would be left before she turned me to art. 

Soon stripped down to solely skin, but so far from a simply blank canvas. 

“Point your toes, arch your back, look at me.” 

Sweat seeps slowly into the space where my thighs meet. 

and my fingers graze against my legs. 

She paints me in satin sheets, 

and dews me in long untouched places. 

and I turn to art. 

She sculpts me and begins to bring parts of me back into existence. 

She allows me to roll in the sheets with myself, 

to be a masterpiece and a work in progress."


"Allow me to offer you some advice, take a thousand naked pictures of yourself now. You may currently think 'Oh I'm way too spooky', or 'nobody wants to see these tiny boobies', but believe me: one day you will look at those photos with kinder eyes and say ' dear god, I was a beautiful thing!" -Moria Rose

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