Where are you located?

Our home studio is located in Cincinnati, OH. Only 30 minutes from CVG, and within the Tri-State area!
Studio address is only given when client officially books.

How long do I have to wait for my images?

Sneak peeks are always sent the NEXT DAY! Full galleries are delivered within 10 business days. Depending on which collection you choose when booking, products will be delivered to you via USPS within 3-4 weeks from when you have selected for your final images for your product(s). All products are either hand crafted or bounded within USA, Canada, and Portugal.

Does the booking fee apply towards my product order?

No. The booking fee covers your session, professional hair and makeup services, access to the our Client Wardrobe, an empowering experience, and the photo session itself. Signature editing and retouching of images and products are sold separately and start out at $999

Do I have to get naked?

You go as far as you feel comfortable! Whether you wear lingerie for every shot, go topless, or full nude is entirely up to you. I will never push you to do something you’re not 100% comfortable with. Before your session, I send you a mini consultation form to see what you are comfortable with for your session, and some additional questions!

Do I have to share my images online?

Absolutely not! We take privacy VERY seriously. You will fill out an image release with your contract which will determine if you give me permission to show your images, anonymous images only, or none at all- and that's okay!

Can I bring a friend with me?

Unfortunately, we do not allow guests during your session.

What if I'm on my period?

This happens, a lot! If you are somewhat regular and know when your cycle will visit, try to book your date around that time of the month!

If it's not a bother to you, then it's not a bother to me. All I ask is to please make sure you have backup tampons/vaginal cup as we do not supply these items in the studio.

I have no idea what to wear...

No worry babe! When you book your date you instantly get access to our Boudie Prep + Info Guide that includes tons of suggestions and outfit options + places to shop! We do require babes to bring 2/3 outfits/pieces in the event there is nothing in the client closet that you love. You will access to our closet that features sizing XS-4X!

I'm nervous about the investment/you are a little over my budget, do you offer a payment plan?

I want all ladies to be able to splurge on themselves now and then, especially when the short term splurge can have long term benefits. I understand that investing in ourselves is something we rarely do and may even feel guilty for- so of course we offer a pre-payment plans!

If you decide to pay in full when booking, you'll receive a free bonus add on!

We also have our pre-payment plan, where you can pay for your dream products over 3/6/9/12 months, depending on how far your session is scheduled for!

Final option is to wait till 30 days prior your session to pay in full with automatic withdrawal!

**We do not offer post payment plans.**

Pricing starts at $999.

Do you only shoot Female+Male clients?

Of course not! Our studio shows love for ALL bodies! Bring your soulmate, partner, lover-whoever they are as they are. All couples are welcome. *no, we do not shoot erotica.

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