Q: How did you find Gemini Boudoir, and what made you decide to book your boudoir experience(s)?

A: A friend of mine had recently gone to Gemini to get some professional photos done. Not only did her photos turn out amazing, she also expressed how empowering it was as a plus sized woman. With me being plus sized all my life, I very rarely posed for photos. My self-esteem was not the greatest and after COVID-19, I was looking for a way to boost my confidence. This seemed like the best opportunity to do just that!

Q: Were you nervous when booking, or leading up to your session day(s)?

A: I was both nervous and excited! The booking process was easy though and Chelsea was very commutative throughout the process. I was pretty nervous the day of the shoot, but Chelsea and her team made me feel right at home. After the first set of photos, I was having so much fun that I no longer felt nervous.

Q: What were your favorite moments during your experience(s)?

A: There were so many moments to choose from! If I had to pick though, I'd say the makeup consult and picking out clothing was the best. I felt like a Barbie doll! In terms of the session, I loved it all, but In the sheets was my favorite. I felt like an old-school Hollywood starlet!

Q: How do you feel now that you've went through with your session and seen your images,?


Q: What would you say to someone who’s on the fence about booking their own experience?

 A: Do it! Don't hesitate in investing one day out of your busy life to feel beautiful both inside and out. Life is so short and shouldn't be wasted on "when I lose enough weight" or "maybe after my hair grows out" (Both of these were my excuses). Love yourself today!